Radiological analysis

The Department for Radiochemistry and Radioanalytics of ALS Life Sciences based in Czech Republic and Sweden is responsible for carrying out analyses designed to detect radioactive elements in a variety of matrices. 

Core functions and capabilities

The Department for Radiochemistry and Radiological analysis of ALS Life Sciences offers a comprehensive measurement program designed to monitor levels of radioactivity in the environment, building materials and to determine the level of potential contamination in food and feedstuff. To assess environmental radioactivity and food safety, the measurement program includes routine measurements using various radioanalytical methods and mass spectrometric methods. The matrices measured include or can include:

  • Surface waters
  • Waste waters
  • Sewage sludge, dredged materials
  • Soil, sediment, rocks
  • Fertilizers
  • Waste

Additional responsibilities of the Department include:

  • Preparation of expert opinions in the area of legislation
  • Preparation of expert opinions in the area of radionuclide analysis
  • Projects and studies in all areas of radioactivity monitoring
  • Consulting for suppliers of drinking water
  • Consulting for producers and importers of building materials
  • Radon 222 consulting in inner air for owners and developers
  • Consulting for producers, importers and chain stores of food and feeding stuffs
  • Consulting for EIA, remediation, dismantling and landfill activities
  • Consulting for wastewater treatment plants on radioactivity of sludge
  • NORM and TENORM testing
  • Emergency analysis